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COVID-19 has changed the world forever.

Regardless of where you are in the World, you can still work out with us.

LD Fitness is with you Anytime, Anywhere, Any Fitness level all you need is internet access.

Creating Healthy Habits not Restrictions has now just become your new future. Be part of our online family, train in the comfort of your own home with your favourite coaches.

We are available on any Smart TV, PC & Laptop, Games Console, and Smart Phones & Tablets.

Get access to our Spinning® sessions and also benefit from all the brilliant aspects of MZ remote.

MZ-Remote is a live virtual gym training platform that displays the heart rate feedback of all participants on one screen, no matter where you choose to work out.

With MZ-Remote, you can work out with your gym buddies and take part in your favorite classes without needing to step outside of your front door! Cardio, Mobility, and HIIT all from your home. It doesn’t matter where you work out – get the MZ Remote class experience live in your living room. Level up your home workouts with virtual classes.

Also, benefit from having your own MyZone Coach. Coachlee will be able to work with you remotely ensuring all your zones are correct.