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LD Fitness are always taking part in Events and Competitions for charity or simply to Reach 'Fitness Goals'. Keep checking back here and we will inform you of any new events we are planning for our members.
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8th May 2017
Spinathon 2 - Charlie Round

Spin®athon 2 – In Aid of Charlie Round (2016)

Charlie Round was a 3 year old absolute warrior who beamed from ear to ear when he smiled. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when he was 2 and sadly he passed away at the age of 3 in March 2017. The Spin®athon was held when Charlie was still with us and we raised over a phenomenal £6,500.
8th May 2017

Spin®athon 1 – In Aid of Cancer UK (2014)

We have sadly lost a number of members to this horrible disease, we were approached by a member who had also been diagnosed and then went on to beat the disease. In celebration and to raise money for the charity we held our first ever Spin®athon and we raised over a whopping £3,500.
8th May 2017

Survival of The Fittest (2011)

A Gruelling Adventure race Sponsored by Men’s Health
25th October 2016

The Hairy Haggis – Team Relay (2008)

The Hairy Haggis Team Relay was part of the Edinburgh Marathon which was voted the fastest marathon in the UK by Runners World that year.
25th October 2016

2,000m Rowing Challenge (2007)

Who could row the fastest 2,000m, the guys went head to head and so did the ladies.