Terms and Conditions

Sessions to be Completed

By joining this Program you agree to train a minimum of once, twice or three times a week for a minimum 6 week period, depending on the package that you choose. This will ensure your dedication; it will accelerate your results and provides you with a set time frame to work with, maximizing the best service and value for your money.

Cancellation Policy
We politely ask that you give us 24 hours notice, should you have the need to cancel or rearrange a session. Your time is valuable to us and our time should be valuable to you. If you are unable to reschedule a cancelled session, the full session rate will be charged. This can be reviewed upon request in exceptional circumstances.

To achieve maximum benefit and get the most out of each training session we ask you to be ready to start at the pre determined time. Sessions that start late will still finish at the predetermined time and you will be charged for the full hour.



The above terms and conditions are open to change as and when LD Fitness deems it necessary. All PFT clients will be informed of any changes that happen prior to them going into effect by email.     The Cost Of Personal Training